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The need for cardiac care technologists has been consistently strong due to an enormous rise in lifestyle-related ailments, particularly heart problems.

Students who complete the two-year cardiac care technician diploma program at the George Telegraph Healthcare Academy will have the fundamental knowledge and technical abilities needed to perform non-invasive procedures such as electrocardiograms, exercise tolerance tests, and ambulatory monitoring and to assist in invasive procedures such as angioplasties, angiograms, electrophysiological studies, pacemaker implantation, etc. The cardiac care technician course aims to prepare students to provide therapy and pre-and post-operative care for patients with cardiopulmonary disorders. These technicians help doctors diagnose and treat cardiac (heart) and peripheral vascular (blood vessel) disorders. Cardiac care technologists also handle the patients' open-heart operations and pacemaker installation surgeries.

These Allied and Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) are those who work in delivering healthcare or healthcare-related services and have training and expertise in therapeutic, diagnostic, curative, preventative, and rehabilitative treatments.

How are Admissions for Cardiac Technology Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Courses Processed?

Admissions to diploma programs are solely based on a merit list.

After all, applicants have completed their applications, the recognized university or Institute creates a merit list. Class 12 scores are necessary for undergraduate diploma programs, whereas graduation marks are needed for postgraduate diploma programs.

The selection procedure for online and offline diploma courses is essentially the same. Candidates who want to pursue careers must fulfil the eligibility requirements and have earned the necessary degree for the program.

Diplomas Courses in Cardiac Technology

The diploma in cardiac care technician programs allows you to continue taking them after completing grade 12, while others require you to apply after graduation.

You can save time and money by taking diploma courses because they essentially provide detailed knowledge instead of the elaborated instruction in bachelor's or master's degree programs (on a full-time basis).

Undergraduate diploma programs last one year, whereas postgraduate diploma programs might last one or two years.

Students who want to start working right away usually choose these courses over devoting much time to a lengthy course.

As with certificate programs, diploma programs in cardiac technology provide you with a great deal of freedom to select from various specializations. This career-oriented course (like a diploma or PG diploma Cardiac Technology courses) is open to those willing to conserve their resources. The average pay after completing a diploma in cardiac care technician program ranges from INR 2,00,000 to 5,00,000.

The objective of the cardiac care technician course

The goal of the cardiac care technician course is to give a thorough understanding of magnetic resonance imaging. MRI technicians are in charge of running the machine, taking pictures, and maintaining proper records.

The following are the cardiac care technician course's objectives:

  • To work in a cardiac catheterization lab, ICU, or ICCU
  • Learning how to keep track of one's vital signs (both manually and with a multiparameter monitor), ECG, and TMT
  • To support cardiac catheterization and echocardiography
  • To conduct BLS and help with ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
  • To become proficient in performing fundamental nursing treatments such as oxygen therapy, nebulization, IV infusion, and IV/IM/SC injections
  • Should be aware of the usage of cardiac support medications in emergencies under medical supervision
  • To be able to give patients and family members counseling and psychological help


Many aspirants in the allied and paramedical fields like George Telegraph Institutes because of its comprehensive, student-centered instruction. In addition to the academic program, the institution strongly emphasizes the entire personality development of its students. To this end, we also offer training in soft skills and communication that enables them to become polished and marketable professionals prepared for the profession.

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