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The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) offers diploma electrical engineering course for students to enable them to work as an electrical technician. The course comprises of the Electrical Technician and Armature Winder course. Both the courses are managed under the guidance of highly experienced faculty members.

On successful completion of any of the courses, recruitment assistance is also provided to the students. The Electrical Technician Course covers electrical theory and practical training, outline of submersible pump, engineering drawing, science and calculation etc. The course enables students to acquire jobs as electrical technicians in domestic or commercial electrification projects. They can also function as service technicians or electricians in factories and mines. Students will also have the basic knowledge to repair/ rewind coils of damaged motors or make wooden forma and coils. The Armature Winder Course allows students to specialize in a critical area of the electrical technology like repairing defective motor windings. Service technicians are highly in demand which is why students completing this course will have many job opportunities open for them, besides they can also set up their own service providing business.

The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) combines traditional values with modern technology to ensure quality education at the optimum level. Our association with leading manufacturing companies of India ensures that the training provided by us matches the requirement of the Indian industry.

Electrical Engineering is the gateway to a brighter future in 21st century. With a diploma in electrical engineering, you can become a professional electrical technician. After attaining a diploma electrical jobs are the most scope worthy option for students. The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) teaches a very professionally built curriculum with 100% placement assistance by the end of it.

Millions of job openings come up every year just for electrical technicians. Electrical engineers are required across sectors of manufacturing of appliances, vehicles, lighting, IT, production, repairing, servicing and so many more. Electricity and appliance manufacturing companies are constantly hiring new electric technician all the time. Electrical engineers are involved in so many various departments that their job prospects are escalating by at least 21% every passing year. Our course is taught keeping in mind the contemporary industry developments so that our students can thrive.

Admission Form

Electrical technician training course

Eligibility: Appeared Class X Board Exam

Duration: 12 months

Course Outline: Electrical Theory and Practical, Outline of submersible pump, electronics theory and practical, engineering drawing, Science & Calculation, Overview on Armature Winder Theory & Practical.

Work Areas: After successful completion of this course students would be able to work as electrical technicians and service technicians.

Eligibility: Class IX

Duration: 06 months

Course Outline: Trade theory covering common tools, wires insulating materials, & varnishes, insulation papers, winding drawing, recording etc., Trade practical covering single-phase Fans, Single-phase Motor, 3 phase Motor, Single Phase Transformer, Wooden Forma & Coil width, Armature, Rewinding, Fitting, & Testing.

Work Areas: After successful completion of this course students would be able to work as service technicians or they can set up their own business.

Eligibility: Existing GTTI Students of Electrical, Electrical & electronics appliances.

Duration: 02 months

Course Outline: Basic Electrical Theory
Electrical Equipment : AC/DC Motor and Generator, Transformer, Different types of Starters, Equipment Protection, Relays, Cables Etc.
Basic Electronics, Diode, Transistor, FET, MOSFET, IGBT, SCR, GATE, SMPS, Inverter wave form, Deep cycle Rechargeable Batteries, Solar PV panel Etc

Work Areas: Solar panel installation & maintenance , Electronics department, System integration and inverter installation & Maintenance. etc.

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