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radiology technician diploma course

Paramedical professionals are in high demand these days. The diploma in radiology technician falls under the paramedical course category. Anyone willing to pursue this course can directly take admission after 10th grade.

The course is a more suitable option for students who want to save their time and resources. George Telegraph is one of the leading healthcare academies in this field. Moreover, they are offering various courses under one roof. If you are planning to boost your career in this, then you must know about its eligibility, course outline, admission process, and many more.

Overview of the Radiology Technician course

In India, the healthcare industry is growing very fast. Moreover, specialists from a variety of professions need to make sure that a country's healthcare sector is properly managed. Radiology technology is available in institutes, and it?s a two-year diploma or undergraduate program. In this course, you have to deal with electromagnetic radiation.

The Radiology Technician diploma course is a study related to a paramedical field which includes Angiography, Fluoroscopy, MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, X-ray, PET (Positron Emission Tomography), and CT Scan or Computed Tomography scan. It helps to identify diseases and illnesses hidden inside the body. Furthermore, this program covers both diagnostic radiography and therapeutic. Research involves issues and subjects such as Radiobiology, Clinical Trials, Clinical Radiotherapy, Palliative Care, Clinical Chemotherapy, and Ultrasound (Sonography).

What are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility of the candidate is dependent on the marks obtained in the 10th grade or 12th grade based on the last latest board exam given. A diploma in radiology technician program can be applied only by candidates who have completed their 10th-grade education. However, the course is only for those students who have the primary subject as science domain. Minimum qualifying marks are mandatory to achieve, as some colleges or institutes might ask for admission exam scores and marks into account.

Benefits of pursuing a diploma in radiology technology

Every person has a different vision and aims of pursuing a degree in the Radiology Technician diploma course. Some of the benefits of doing a radiology technology course are:

  • Reputable Professions: This profession undoubtedly is reputed. A diploma in this course is in high demand. Moreover, it is a career-oriented course that assists in job placement.
  • Secure profession: It ensures a secure professional path for candidates who pursue a degree in radiology/radiography.
  • Pay Scale: The degree guarantees a good career with good pay. Both the public and private sectors offer a good amount.

The future scope of a Radiology technician

After completing the course of radiology diploma, one can enrol for further degrees. This will enhance their expertise in this field. Multiple programs are available in institutes or organizations for degree holders in radiology. Some of them are B.Sc. in Imaging Techniques, a diploma in medical imaging technology course, Radiotherapy (B.Sc.), and Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc.)

Job Opportunities in radiology technology

Although the course offers multiple benefits, it is also a challenging career. Radiography offers a broader career option and works prospects to the candidate.

However, the demand for radiographers has tremendously increased after the technology evolution. Furthermore, it has extensively enhanced the medical research reach in the radiography sector. This resulted in the growing demand for professional radiographers.

Radiographers in India are allowed to work in public and private hospitals. Both full-time and part-time job opportunities are available. Moreover, there are various opportunities for radiographers in the US and abroad. The job opportunity for radiography technicians is also in diagnostic centres, nursing homes, and super-speciality institutions.

The job is entirely assigned based on abilities, knowledge, and experience. Radiography technician offers a range of jobs such as Radiology Technician, Radiographer/Radiography Technologist, MRI Technician, CAT Technologist/ CT Tech / CTScan Technologist, Radiology Assistant, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer/Ultrasound Technician, X-Ray technician.

Admission Procedure for the Diploma in radiology course

After evaluating your eligibility for the course, the candidates must follow the admission procedure. Different institutes have different admission processes. Students must apply for the course through the college website and pay the application fee (if any). Some colleges take admission based on merit. In comparison, others conduct their entrance exams. George Telegraph takes direct admission, and they have trained thousands of students. You can trust this institute as they have excelled in providing academic training for 100 years.


To advance your career, you must choose to pursue a diploma in the healthcare sector. Other than a diploma in radiology technician, the renowned institute George Telegraph offers various other diploma courses such as a diploma in radiotherapy, medical lab technology, diploma in medical imaging technology course , etc. You must visit their official website for any details about the courses and the admission process. They have been providing excellence in academic courses for 100 years. Moreover, they provide on-the-job training and placement guarantee.

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