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Vocational training is also called Career and Technical Education because it covers the practice sets of a particular working field apart from theoretical information. It is non-academic training to enter a profession with hands-on experience, guidance and support of expert trainers. Several industries are growing and making big businesses across the country and abroad. Therefore, industrial training in Kolkata is also advancing simultaneously.

Industrial training is a part of vocational courses where students work under the supervision of experts and perform a set of activities for a specific duration. After doing well in the practical venture at an organisation, aspirants receive their bachelor’s degree. They can propose the same to the employers as their experience and get wished job placements.

What are the types of industrial training?

Industry training is the systematic development of an individual to suit the job profile and the adaptation to the industrial culture. Various skill development and adoption techniques prepare students to crack the recruitment process and excel in their careers.

  • Orientation is the process of intercommunication between a company and its employees to know each other. It includes internal and external work, customer service training, machines and types of equipment, with teamwork and client management.
  • Compliance is familiarising the employees with the rules, regulations, policies, and legal procedures. Thus, it helps to maintain a safe and sound work environment in an office.
  • Product training imparts knowledge about the existing and upcoming products and their details. Therefore, the dales and customer satisfaction get priority through accurate information.
  • Training the newbies in the industry with the technology and software applications that benefit the work process is technical training. Further, this strengthens their core concepts and improves their technical skills to match their jobs.
  • Quality assurance training covers establishing a loyal and trustworthy relationship with customers. It lessens wastage, raises profits, and accelerates organisational growth.
  • Safety training is crucial for employee risk management and companies’ liabilities. Further, it ensures universal protocols for fire prevention and disaster training. For example, an industrial safety course in Kolkata trains students in multiple safety measures for food service providers and chemical factories.

Cybersecurity training, leadership training and sales training are some other industry-oriented training that gives precision to workers. Unlimited institutes have emerged in the cities and remote areas, claiming the best industry-oriented courses and training. However, students must check the reliability, reputation, past statistics, and top trainers' availability.

What is the importance of industrial training?

Industrial training helps employees work efficiently, accurately, productively, and qualitatively. Plus, it improves their creative, technical, interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills. Thus, it benefits an organisation as a whole.

  • Employee motivation: The training process prepares and encourages freshers to accept the work modules and change their mannerisms accordingly.
  • Errorless work: Active training helps employees understand the various aspects of the work process and ensures mistake-free working.
  • Improved productivity: It heightens productivity by inducing positivity and clarity of the work progress.
  • Upskilling of employees: Employees become proficient in their work and give excellent results.
  • Better attachment: Thus, employees and the management can better relate to each other and create profitable outputs for the company.

Therefore, students know about the norms of a particular industry and follow the same for better skill execution. Industrial training helps students work in a real environment and get information about the current happenings in the sector.

Vocational training in Kolkata

George Telegraph Training Institute is the true guide for students enlightening their ways to success with adequate technical facilities and study materials. Moreover, students can learn under professional teachers with decades of experience training students in modifying their impulsive techniques into professional ones.

Interestingly, if a student searches for vocational schools near me, the top name will be George Telegraph Training Institute. The institute spreads its educational expanse to different areas in the state to proffer top-quality learning programs for youngsters. Many learners cannot opt for full-time programs because of financial burdens, time shortages, or family responsibilities.

George Telegraph Training Institute vocational training programs allow them to enter their ideal industry adorned with the required skills and attitude. Thus, they can overcome their insufficiencies and move towards their goals with fewer expenses.

Our professional teachers and absorbent training methods make learning easy and understandable for learners. Hence, they can conquer their quest to success at the leading organisations with doubtless performance.

Furthermore, our institute upgrades the curriculum regularly to match the current trends and work environment. As a result, students get a positive approach and confident attitude toward their career world.


George Telegraph Training Institute has expert trainers and technicians from multiple fields to prepare students for multitasking jobs. Further, the educational system is systematic, organised, and well-defined to extract the constantly changing technology and scientific inventions for making studies interactive and affluent. Thus, we encourage students to rise to the podium of professional excellence with expert coaching, professionalism and placement guidance.

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