How To Become An Automobile Designer After Class 12th?

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Are you passionate about cars and want to make a unique model of the car yourself with the help of the latest technology and techniques? Join a car design course in the best college for automobile engineering and live your dreams in reality. Learning rare facts about machinery and electronic equipment inside a car becomes easy under professional guidance.

Young learners search for renowned educational institutes to get the advice and support of experienced and exceptional teachers. But before that, they must know the details of an automobile engineering course and its requirements. Plus, they must be clear about their personal likes and strengths in the educational field.

What is automobile design?

Automobile design study enlightens students about the enhancement methods of the internal and external look of cars, trucks, vans, or buses. Thus, it is the base for a brand-new car design creation, whether a sedan, hatchback, or goods carrier.

Automobile engineering courses acquaint students with automobile development, modification, and operation. It is one of the most transitional and trending courses nowadays, where life has to race against time.

Who can enrol in the course?

Students must score 50 per cent marks in class 12 to seek admission to the best colleges for automobile engineering. Also, mechanical engineering students can join the course in the second year. Some colleges raise the cut-off percentage to 60. However, the course structure is the same. Plus, students can complete the course in 2 years and move on to their professional lives.

Course subjects

Automobile engineering needs vast knowledge of the core areas that work in unison to create a running model. Therefore, students can go for a certificate, degree, or diploma course following their choices. In addition, they must polish their academic, technical, and creative skills to follow the pattern of learning advanced automobile technology.

Maths, physics, and chemistry are the essential subjects at 12. Here are more names to study under the automobile engineering program.

  • Computer and programming
  • Automotive electronics
  • Automotive transmission
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Calculus statistics and numerical methods
  • Robotics
  • Graphics and drawing
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Vehicle design and automotive safety
  • Basic and advanced Computer-aided design


As we move towards the future, the need for professionals to develop fast and efficient automobile models increases. It is the best method to blend scientific information and experiments to derive customer-friendly solutions for the present and future generations. Hence, it is a turn call for young creative minds.

Automobile engineer: These engineers draw and sketch the designs for car making process. In addition, they make products, modifications, and maintenance items. Researching, designing, and testing are also a part of their jobs.

Research and development engineer: They research trending technologies and customer requirements to suggest the best models that meet both. Moreover, they make the required changes to overcome existing faults and drawbacks.

Academicians: These professors expand young learners' knowledge with their profound experience and qualification. They train students in the automobile industry specifications and techniques to compete better.

Engine manufacturer: They use advanced techniques to make furnished products and individual parts. They skillfully devise control panels and engines that are durable and cost-effective to increase the sales of automobiles.

Sales manager: They are ready with all specific details, models, efficiencies, and the validity of the vehicles. Therefore, they can aptly suggest the best options to suit customers’ requirements. Thus, they ensure top-quality service for buyers and companies.

The search for experienced teachers ends here.

George Telegraph Training Institute is the best vocational training institute in Kolkata. Top academicians are a part of this institution. These teachers have been working in the teaching world for decades and know the basics of subjects, practical inconsistencies, and impulsive learning methods of students. Therefore, they work in accordance with the student's educational deficiencies.

Our educational services have been part of the student's training and career counselling for decades. Hence, we know the education standards and the curriculum for automobile engineering, computer designing, and other courses with undaunted quality. In addition, the programs are financially accessible and organised to prepare students with professional attitudes.

Moreover, we conduct regular tests, workshops, industry expert seminars, and workshops to help students absorb the transforming techniques in the automotive sector. So, they can think out of the box and make something unusual and beneficial never seen before.

If a student wants to become an automobile engineer, enrolling in the heritage George Telegraph Training Institute is the first step to climbing the success dais. From academic excellence to practical efficiency and guaranteed placement is our responsibility. Thus, they get familiar with the unseen elements in car making and the process from A to Z.


Stop roaming around and come under expert supervision to complete your professional learning program. GTTI moulds your studying, discipline, time management, and skill application. Thus, you spontaneously enter your workspace with the requisite talents and industry upgradation. And grow your knack in car making to prosper in your careers.

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