Important Interview Questions for Automobile engineering jobs in 2022?


Questions and Answers for Automobile Engineering Job Interviews, both New and Experienced:

What is automobile engineering, explain briefly?

The discipline of engineering known as automobile engineering is concerned with the development, production, and use of vehicles. It is a branch of vehicle engineering that deals with things like trucks, buses, and motorcycles. It consists of safety, software, electrical, mechanical, and electronic components.

Two stroke: The piston goes downward and upward once for each explosion in the cylinder (Power stroke and Exhaust stroke).

For every explosion in the cylinder, the piston goes down and up twice (two full cycles) (Intake , compression, power, exhaust stroke.)

Four strokes are significantly more efficient than two.

However, two strokes are more forceful than four.

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What is the two-stroke engine's engine efficiency spectrum?

In comparison to four-stroke engines, the two-stroke engines offer a very large range. Power strokes are produced every two revolutions instead of every four in four stroke engines, for this reason.

Octane number and cetane number definition is to be explained in what manner?

The percentage of iso octane by volume in a mixture ofTSO octane and Heptanes is known as the octane number. It serves as a gauge for SI engine ratings.

The volume percentage of n-cetane in a combination of n-cetane and alpha methyl naphthalene is known as the cetane number. It serves as a CI engine rating gauge.

What does "CC of engine" mean to you?

The definition of CC is Cubic Centimetres, to be precise. It indicates the entire cylinder volume of the engine. This illustrates how engines with more CC are able to produce greater power than other engines. CC and fuel usage can alternatively be viewed as being inversely proportional.

Why gasoline should be avoided in engines for diesel?

In response, adding gasoline to a diesel engine could cause it to explode. Diesel engines have a compression ratio of 15 to 22 while gasoline engines have a ratio of 6 to 10. Thus, gasoline will experience extremely high compression, which could lead to a blast-off engine.

What function does the governor have in cars?

The governor is a crucial part of an automobile's engine. During changes in load, it is utilised to control the engine's main speed. Maintaining fuel supply is necessary due to load changes. The governor carries out this duty. When the engine is under a heavy load, speed drops, so the fuel supply must be increased; conversely, when the load drops, the fuel supply must be decreased.

What function does hydrogen serve in cars?

Low emissions, then. Since there is no carbon in the fuel, there is essentially no CO or HC in the exhaust. H2O and N2 fuel would make up the majority of the exhaust.

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