Which computer course should you do after your class 12?

computer programming courses

Many students need help with what to do after their 12th to upskill themselves. Basic computer programming courses could be a great option to increase employability amongst students of all streams. Computer literacy is necessary in the current world for advancing one's personal and professional goals. Today's computer courses have been designed to include fundamental concepts and more complex topics required to prepare students for technical careers demanding specialized knowledge.

Computer courses emphasize the underlying ideas behind computers. To become an expert in any given topic, you can use computer programming courses after 12th to learn about numerous computer software types. Computer courses aim to increase student's familiarity and proficiency with computers by teaching them fundamental to intermediate levels of computer knowledge while placing more emphasis on practical skills than theory.

Top computer courses to Consider after Class 12

You have a wide variety of course options as a 12th-grade student. The best computer science courses to take after finishing high school are listed below:

1. B.Sc. in Computer Science

Your career may advance if you do this three-year undergraduate course. Candidates must have completed grades 10 and 12 in the science stream at an accredited institution to enroll in this course. From this course, you may study the fundamentals of computer science, how computers are organized, how to analyze and design systems, how to program systems, how to introduce web technologies, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc. Computer Science Courses

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to enroll in B. Sc. in computer science degree courses-

  • Some private institutions may admit students with a science degree in physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • Students must have completed their 12th grade and scored at least 50% in the science stream with physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Some institutions even admit students from various streams.

Admission Procedure for B.Sc. Computer Science

Since receiving admission is one of the most challenging periods, understanding the admission process will help students understand and even mentally prepare.

  • Admissions for a B. Sc. in a computer science course are primarily based on the student's merit.
  • You must complete the university admissions paperwork to get admission to a university-affiliated college.
  • Students are also open for direct admissions once the university admissions are over.
  • A few colleges conduct competitive entrance examinations, and admission is granted depending on your score.

2. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

This program is one of the best software engineering courses offered by The George Telegraph Training Institute; students often opt to pursue a career in the Information Technology sector. The course lasts three years (six semesters) if taken full-time. The applicant must have completed the 12th grade at an accredited institution. In the 12th grade, students can take this subject without math or a computer. Students majoring in commerce can also take this course.

BCA or bachelor's in computer application revolves around Information technology fundamentals, C programming, operating systems, organizational behavior, data, database management systems, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for BCA Courses

  • The candidate should have received a 50% equivalent on their 10+2 exam.
  • The 12th examination must be passed or appeared in, with mathematics being compulsory.
  • The candidate's performance on the qualifying exam (12th) is used to determine the merit.

Admission Procedure for BCA Courses after 12th

Several institutes/universities conduct written exams and personal interviews with applicants before enrolling them in one of the best software engineering courses available in India.

Some institutes conduct their entrance test to understand if the applicant is qualified to take the course.

3. B. Tech in Information Technology

The emphasis of this four-year undergraduate program is on computer system technology and programming languages. Candidates completing this course will have the knowledge and abilities to work with software, do original research, and program.

This is one of the basic computer programming courses available at one of India's leading computing learning facilities, George Telegraph Training Institute. The students are taught programming abstractions and paradigms, data structures and algorithms, machine learning, and quantum physics, and their applications are a few examples.

Eligibility Criteria for B. Tech in Information Technology

The following eligibility conditions must be met to apply for a BTech IT degree-

  • Candidates must receive at least a 50% passing grade in their 10+2 or equivalent test from a reputable institution.
  • They must belong to the science stream with a maths, physics, and chemistry major.
  • The students must achieve the cut-off on the entrance exam.
  • Candidates who want to enter BTech IT programs laterally must complete a diploma program from an accredited institution.

Admission Procedure for B. Tech in Information Technology

Admission to the BTech IT program is made through entrance exams like-

  • JEE Main
  • JEE Advanced

Students must successfully pass the entrance tests to enroll in the college of their choice and begin their studies there.


Computers or Computer Programming is one of the most crucial subjects to master if you want to pursue your career in the IT industry or any sector. The best software engineering courses offered by the renowned George Telegraph Training Institute are in high demand nowadays and can result in lucrative work possibilities.

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