Which vocational course is best in 2022?


Why George Telegraph Training Institute Automobile Course is the best?

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Technical and career education is another name for vocational education. The increased popularity of vocational trainings given by George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI). For campus placements, numerous MNC companies frequently visit. Today's tradition in India vocational courses after 12th demand should be on a high level since the high unemployment ratio in India and Vocational courses is one of the top possibilities to decrease the unemployment rate like china.

In India, state-level institutions and national and state-level governments have historically been in charge of vocational courses. Apprenticeships teach students the skills necessary for professions in nursing, hospitality, agriculture, and the dairy industry. Numerous programmes have succeeded in leaving their imprint and changing the path of students' careers.

Best Vocational Courses in 2022

You should enrol in vocational training courses after your 12th grade year. The vocational stream offers courses in automobile engineering, paramedical,computer science, repairing of mobiles, electrical engineering, HVAC, civil engineering, beauty and wellness, Retail, catering management, and other topics.

For admission to vocational courses, students must satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements outlined by the institution after the 12th grade. Depending on the institution's admission requirements, the criteria may change. Vocational courses give pupils technical expertise rather than theoretical understanding. The courses are open for admission after pursuing class 10+2 from a certified board. Vocational courses are job-oriented because the emphasis is mainly on skill development for the students.


Advantages of Vocational Training 2022

Vocational colleges are skill-intensive, so choosing one should be serious about it. Any student who has passed class 10 and 12 is eligible to enrol in vocational courses; there is no requirement for a specific speciality. The university's merit list determines admission to the course.

Vocational courses offer instruction that is specifically geared toward particular professions and careers. Vocational courses are offered in a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, automotive engineering, beauty and wellness, and many others. Many colleges and universities across the nation provide interested students with these vocational courses. Technical occupations like building, heating, air conditioning, and car maintenance are in a variety of vocational courses.

Perks of Vocational Training

  • These programmes equip you with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in a particular field.
  • A set of practical skills and a comprehension of the subject are both provided by occupational courses.
  • They offer in-depth understanding of the necessities of a certain task.
  • The specialised learning that takes place in vocational courses is advantageous if the student plans to work within the same sector.
  • Altogether, these programmes prepare qualified candidates for employment in the nation's organised sector.
  • You can learn this whenever suits you, including remotely.
  • These courses typically cost less money and are shorter in duration.
  • Vocational programmes assist students get ready for the ever changing global market.


All things considered, one of the greatest automotive training facilities in Kolkata is GTTI, which is its primary reputation. But in addition to that, it is also a top institution for some of the most in-demand profession courses. If they desire to pursue a profession in vocational fields, students from all around West Bengal prefer to attend George Telegraph Training Institute GTTI for their studies.

Afterward, you would be able to enrol in these courses and guarantee that you have a successful career ahead of you with the very minimum prerequisites. Whatever your interest, you may probably discover something that meets your needs.

Additionally at GTTI, we provide career-oriented courses that are different from the typical reduced courses, like bachelor's graduate degrees in Psychology or literary studies.

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