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Automobile engineering is a subfield of vehicle engineering that applies aspects of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, and safety engineering to the development, production, and use of motorcycles, cars, and trucks, as well as to each of their individual technical subsystems.

Vehicle modifications are also a part of it. Automobile components are created and put together in the manufacturing sector. Automotive engineering courses are the study of designing, developing, making, and testing cars or vehicle components from concept to production. These three activities-production, development, and manufacturing- are the main ones in this industry.

For those who meet the requirements, the automotive industry offers a wealth of opportunities and a profession with a bright future

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Scope of Automobile Engineering jobs in 2022

Candidates have access to a wide range of options in this industry, including factories, auto manufacturing businesses, service centres, private transportation firms, public road transportation agencies, departments for motor vehicles, insurance firms, etc. Automobile engineers may find employment prospects in computer-aided industries as Designers with the computer abilities and understanding in CAM and CAD (Computer Aided design), and ERP. Engineers in automobile maintenance are given the job of general mechanic supervision at a facility, shop, or garage. Visit The George Telegraph Training Institute's(GTTI) website for automobile engineering course details.


Automobile engineers have a variety of career options outside of India. In western nations like the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and others, they can have a prosperous career in the automotive sector. They can also pursue employment in eastern nations with significant automobile manufacturers, such as Japan and the Republic of Korea. Automobile engineers have a variety of career options because the automobile business is so large. The vehicle engineering field is expanding rapidly, providing countless prospects for automotive engineers to advance and have a prosperous future.

Why George Telegraph Training Institute Automobile Course is the best?

This automobile engineering course in Kolkata has been designed keeping in mind certain aspects. The courses in the automobile department are very industry specific. Here are some things which the courses aim to do with its curriculum:

  • to give pupils the chance to improve their knowledge and abilities.
  • to create application-based education that will enable students to gain practical industrial experience and prepare them for the workforce.
  • to prepare students to work in teams on innovative initiatives using inclusive, sustainable technology that is suited to the needs of business and society.
  • enabling students to develop into competent and moral businesspeople
  • to offer soft skills that support a certain vocation and the associated technical education.
  • to guarantee adequate theoretical, laboratory, and practical experience.
  • to close the knowledge gap between industry and academics.

Details of Automobile Course at George Telegraph Training Institute

The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) offers thorough and sophisticated mechanical engineering training programmes that are entirely focused on the needs of the industry and up to date with contemporary technologies. The courses include mechanical drafting, automotive technician, automotive mechanic, diesel, electric pump and generator mechanic, and automobile engineering training (with CAD).

The students are also given support with finding employment after successfully completing any of the courses. The courses give students the chance to gain knowledge that will help them find employment anywhere in India. Students who complete these thorough training programmes can find employment as service or maintenance technicians.
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