Rules & Regulations

  • Admission to the Institute entails an understanding on the part of the student to observe the rules and regulations of the Institute
  • The management of the Institute reserves the right of rejecting any application for admission without assigning any reason.
  • Admission Forms are supplied only at the time of admission to be filled in and signed by the candidates in the presence of a responsible officer of the Institute. These forms must not be removed from the premises of the Institute.
  • At the time of admission the student has to produce:

    (1) 2 passport size photographs. Applicants opting for instalment schemes or monthly fee schemes have to submit 3 passport size photographs. In case of specified courses, an added photograph as notified will be required.

    (2) Photocopies/attested copies of age proof certificate such as Birth Certificate, Secondary Examination Admit Card etc.

    (3) Photocopies/attested copies of last board or university examination passed.

    (4) Guardian's consent letter for candidates under 18 years of age.

  • Students who have passed the final examination of the Spoken English, stenography, shorthand or typing course of the Institute may avail practice sessions on payment of a monthly fee as determined by the authorities, subject to availability of space and equipment.

Identity Card

  • On confirmation of admission each student is issued an Identity Card which certifies that the holder is a bonafide student of the institute, till the date of validity as specified in the card.
  • The Identity Card permits the holder to attend theoretical and practical classes. Every bonafide student of the institute must carry this card at all times within the premises of the institute.
  • No student will be permitted to appear in any examination of the Institute without a valid Identity Card.
  • Loss of the Identity Card must be intimated to The Principal immediately, in writing, along with a copy of an F.I.R. lodged with the local police station, through the head of the concerned centre. Thereafter, a duplicate Identity Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50.00 (Rupees Fifty Only) along with application, copy of FIR & one copy passport size photograph from the administrative office of the concerned training centre. In case of damage of Identity Card, the damaged Card is to be shown at the office during submission of application for duplicate Identity Card which will be issued against payment of requisite fees.


  • Admission and tuition fees are payable in cash or by demand draft in full at the time of admission OR as per the prescribed payment terms in the Admission Particulars Chart of the concerned centre, Fees Payable under Instalment Scheme. Cheques also may be accepted subject to clearance / realisation.
  • Students paying fees under instalment schemes are required to ensure payment within due dates as specified at the time of admission and as mentioned in their I.D. Card and as mentioned overleaf on their Money Receipts.
  • Default of payment will lead to a fine of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only), if paid within a month. Thereafter on additional fine of Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) shall be imposed for every month or part thereof of delay in payment of fees.
  • All students are instructed to keep the Money Receipts in a safe place till the end of the course and use photocopies only in any dealings with the Institute. If the Money Receipt is lost the fact must be immediately brought to the knowledge of the Principal in writing, along with a copy of an FIR lodged with the concerned police station, through the Head of the concerned Centre. Thereafter, a duplicate Money Receipt will be issued by the Admission Office/Head of Centre on payment of Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only).
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