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About 9 million people were employed in the Indian automotive sector in 2022. The employment levels were quite high as compared to the international motor sector, which employs about 2.7 million people. In the countries of North America, about 2.8 million people were employed by the automotive industry and part dealers in 2022. India remained one of the biggest markets for automobiles in the world in 2021. The automotive engineering industry first began to experience the pandemic's effects in the midst of the previous two years. Sales, employment, and even production showed it.

Major employment cuts occurred across the industry as a result of the production and sales declines. Automobile engineering is thriving.

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Automobile Engineering Jobs Scope 2022

Around 7% of India's GDP is contributed annually by jobs in the automotive engineering industry. Nearly half of the country's manufactured items were also produced there. Ministers and legislators declared that the government is working to make this nation the largest worldwide centre for the manufacture of vehicles in the next years.


Over the past seven decades, the automobile industry has propelled the nation's development on both the domestic and international fronts.

Even though it is solely responsible for transportation, it also values its role as a partner in the commonwealth.

As one of the greatest employers in the nation, the automobile sector hopes to give thousands of young people in the nation useful jobs. More people work in the automobile sector in India than in any other industry in the world. Therefore, automobile engineering colleges have reached the grandeur that they really have.

Increasing Demand for Automobile Engineering in 2022

The auto business has a built-in feature of global power as if we have never personally experienced it. The company truly believes that there is no such thing as a free day and that it must work nonstop; yet, the fact that it contributes so much to improving India keeps it energised and alive.

The minister for highways and commercial vehicles claims that a substantial part of India's economic growth is driven by the automobile industry. Indian automakers are looking to India not only for its burgeoning mass market but also for dependable distribution centres as the country's automobile industry becomes more and more integrated into the global production chain.

Sales and service techniques are changing to keep up with the rapidly changing business. Digital improvements in the production process are always being developed. It is currently one of the main drivers of the expansion of the Indian economy. It is one of the most significant sources of employment, and thousands of new employees are anticipated to be hired both intrinsically and extrinsically over the next few years.

Some industries, such as the automobile industry, are expanding well despite the fact that India's economic growth rate is at its lowest point in history, according to experts.

Automobile Engineering Course

The George Telegraph Training Institute is one of the leading institutes offering a diploma in automobile engineering. Candidates with a vehicle engineering diploma must satisfy all of the criteria for qualifying.

  • Students who have successfully completed the equivalent of class 10 at a recognised board of education.
  • Candidates must receive a grade of at least 50% in class ten.
  • Candidates may opt to pursue a diploma in automotive engineering after finishing high school.

There are several job opportunities in the automotive industry. Candidates can seek jobs in the automotive industry after earning a diploma in vehicle engineering. Typically, businesses visit college campuses to attract students. By taking a government exam, you could also start your preparation for a career in government.
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