How Can You Learn Computer Networking Skills?


Each and every school leaving student nurtures a dream of pursuing a career that best compliments one?s aptitude. The modern tech savvy generation who have a knack for finding out every minute detail about computers tend to choose Computer Networking as their career path. Computer and networking systems have taken over the earlier manual ways of handling daily business. With the turn of the century computer hardware and networking systems have been successfully implemented in almost all fields of work.

George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) conducts exhaustive computer networking course in order to provide the most advanced education to the youth of the nation and render them employable in the Computer Hardware and Networking field through exclusive training on relevant topics.

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What does a computer networking professional do?

Students who wish to become computer networking experts must take up the hardware networking course at George Telegraph Training Institute to advance their career. It is the job of a trained computer networking professional to maintain the software and hardware, keep an eye on the system to avoid potential threats. These specialists analyse technical problems that might hinder smooth functioning of the computer networks and provide comprehensive solutions. Computer networking specialists also function to fortify the security system of the network in order to nab cyber-crimes and data breach.

The computer networking courses offered by GTTI:

There are a vast number of training programmes under the Computer Hardware and Networking training courses. Candidates who are gifted with analytical thinking, have considerable knowledge in computer technology, tend to solve technical problems and those who can easily adapt to new methods and functions of networking can advance their career by taking up the hardware networking course in Kolkata conducted byGeorge Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI). The following list consists of the various courses that can be pursued to find one?s footing in the networking world.

1.Computer Hardware & Advanced Network Engineering:

Students who have appeared for their Class 12 board exams may apply for this 2 years course. Topics like Computer Communication and Networking, the basics of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Microprocessor, Digital Electronics and Computer Hardware are covered under this program.

Career prospects:

A wide range of career opportunities open up to candidates who pursue Computer Hardware & Advanced Network Engineering course like:

  • Post of Computer hardware engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Service engineer
  • Professional might also support engineers in a team or start their own business

2. Computer Hardware Engineering with Networking (LAN):

Candidates who have appeared for their Class 12 board exams may seek admission to this 18 months course. This course covers topics like: Computer Communication and Networking with wireless LAN, the basics of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Hardware, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor etc.

Career prospects:

Pursuing the Computer Hardware Engineering with Networking (LAN) course enables students to become:

  • Network engineer
  • Network support engineer or start their own business

3. Computer Hardware Technician/Mechanic:

Only those students who have passed their Class 10 board exams and also possess the basic qualification in Electronics are eligible for this 6 months training program. This course consists of important topics like: Operating System and Application Software, Computer fundamentals, Computer Peripheral and Devices, PC hardware, Networking Fundamental and Internet, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Lab.

Career prospects:

On successful completion of the Computer Hardware Technician/Mechanic course students become competent to assume job roles like:

  • Hardware Engineer
  • Desktop Engineer
  • Service Technician
  • They may even set up their own business.

4. Advanced Network Engineering:

Individuals who have passed their class 12 board exams and also have a 1 years? experience in Computer Hardware or have passed Computer Hardware Engineering may apply for this 6 months course. System Administration, Basic Networking, CISCO devices Implementing switching and Routing Solutions are the fundamental topics covered in this course.

Career prospects:

Do you feel like you are ready to achieve your goals in the networking industry? Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any kind of help. We will set up a free counseling for you with one of our experts.

  • Network Support Engineer
  • Pupils may even become business owners

5. Network Expert:

In order to become a network expert one has to first pass the Computer Hardware & advanced Network Engineering course from GTTI. The Network Expert course is a 2 months program that includes subjects like Spanning Tree Protocol, Border Gateway Protocol, Ether channel, IPv6, High Availability (HA), IP Services, LAN and WAN security.

Career prospect:

Dedicated network experts may occupy positions as:

  • Network Engineer
  • IP Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • NOC Engineer
  • Field Engineer

6. Routing Switching Expert:

Students who have passed their class 10 board exams may enrol into the 3 months Routing Switching Expert course. A vast number of topics like: Router and switch, Juniper Router, Networking Basics, IP Address and Subnetting, IPv6, Spanning Tree Protocol, Ether channel, Virtual LAN (VAN), RIP, OSPF, Static Route, EIGRP, Border Gateway Protocol, High Availability (HA), IP Services, LAN & WAN security, Virtual Private Network, Multiprotocol Labe Switching and Voice over IP are included in this short course.

Career prospects:

Students of the Routing Switching Expert course may choose from a wide variety of job posts like:

  • Network Engineer
  • IP Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • NOC Engineer
  • Field Engineer

7. Chip Level Laptop Repairing:

Candidates must have passed their class 10 board exam or equivalent in order to join the 6 months Chip Level Laptop Repairing course. Pupils pursuing this program are taught subjects covering basic Idea of analog electronics and IC technology, Laptop chip level repairing, Basic Electronics and Motherboard Chip level repairing.

Career prospects:

Taking up the Chip Level Laptop Repairing course enables students to work as:

  • Chip level laptop technician
  • Chip level laptop support
  • Service technician

To conclude, taking up the Computer Hardware and Networking training coursesfrom George Telegraph Training Institute can ensure a bright career profile for an individual.

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