Opportunities after Diploma in Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering is one of the most popular fields of engineering which one can choose from in India. Diploma courses in electrical engineering are also growing at a staggering rate. The career opportunities which one can get after finishing their course in electrical engineering are many.

Especially after completing a diploma in electrical engineering in Kolkata, you are left with even more opportunities to pursue.

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IT Sector


The IT sector has developed so extravagantly in Kolkata and all around India. It is one of the biggest recruiters of electrical engineers. After finishing their course, students can very easily secure a job in IT. IT companies are recruiting electrical engineers all round the year. At no point would they feel like they do not have enough job options.

Some of the best colleges like The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) offer 100% placement assistance to all students in top IT companies after finishing their training.

Repairing and servicing


Repairing and servicing are other very popular fields which a lot of people opt for after completing their training. Electrical items, circuits, systems are bound to get damaged with time or due to several other causes too. In order to repair hen engineers who are talented and well trained are required.

It is going to help them make sure that everything is fixed with no issues whatsoever. Therefore, this is another very lucrative field.

Research and higher education


Diploma in electrical engineering is also a very fruitful career path if you wish to pursue your studies further. You can do research; go aboard for higher education much more with this course certification in your hand.

There is so much potential for students to pursue higher education and do well if they choose to become experts in electrical engineering. If you study further, you can also become a teacher and start working as professor in colleges and universities.

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